Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My Perfect Salad

I'm in LOVE with salad! What do you think of when you think of the perfect salad.

I like to start out with spinach! I like spinach better than lettuce or romaine because it has more vitamins, minerals and fiber! And, I just think it tastes much better!!!

Next, I cut up some bell peppers.

And add them to the spinach.

Next, I cut up cucumbers........

And tomatoes...........

And add them to the salad.

Sometimes I even add some olives!

To top it all off, cheese and bacon bits is a MUST!!!

And, of course, I LOVE to add a little ranch.

And, I can't ever just make one salad.

So, it's one for now, 16 for later!!!

I would love to know, What are the ingredients in your perfect salad???


  1. I like mine with spinach too!! Then I like to add mushrooms, cucumbers, tomato, and banana peppers. I also like to add some kalamata olives and fried bacon bits and top it all with feta cheese. I then toss it with an olive oil/lemon dressing. YUM :)

  2. 16 for later??? Do you freeze them? They don't get soggy?? Thanks!

  3. That sounds so good Angie!!! Stephanie, we don't freeze the salads, we eat them! They were gone within a few days. My guys eat A LOT!!!! :)